Fall Flowers Menu

Seasonal mixes with plenty of texture make these designs the favorite this time of year.


The Fall Tables Centerpieces are low format, so your guests will will be able to enjoy the company, as well as the table setting.

The Fall Statement Piece is a taller design thatโ€™s great for adding show, and making an impression, without the added color in our other large pieces.

The Blackbird Fall Mixes really celebrate your recipient. It all about bright and warm colors, in tasteful palettes that vary, in a white ceramic container.


This design is a definite favorite. Itโ€™s the perfect time of year to send a larger piece thatโ€™s full of color and texture.

Fall Soft Mix
from 125.00

The Fall Soft Mixes are just what youโ€™d think, Soft floral colors paired with hearty textures and seasonal accents for a less traditional Fall mix.

The elongated shape, and lower profile of this design makes it a perfect centerpiece or sideboard arrangement for seasonal gatherings.