Party Flowers

Ordering party flowers for special events can be surprisingly easy. Just choose your quantities, sizes, styles, and general color palette. Then you can cross flower ordering off your to-do list!


Most parties and events can do with some smaller accent pieces to place here and there to enliven the scene. Choose the style that suits the look you are going for, and you’re all set.

Here’s a collection of pieces to build your own party with. We started you off with 6 of the most common pieces, and you can add from there!

The Blackbird Treat Party Pack arrangements come in our stylish gold containers. Choose your details, and you can leave the rest to us.


Mini potted succulents with natural accents, in pairs and trios, work great for a party—and after! Order multiples for larger events.

The Nature Trail
from 150.00

The Nature Trail is a 3 piece design, with 2 succulents and a textural floral mix. Dried elements added to all 3, make it a seamless trio.

Here’s a little larger collection to consider for next party. Feel free to add items from the main menu to finish off your list.