Succulent Gardens

Our succulent designs include a mix of plants and botanical accents to keep them interesting.

The Nature Trail
from 150.00

This is a 3 piece design that works great as a single centerpiece, or as accents around the room. It includes 2 potted succulents, and one textural floral mix.

Our Succulent Gardens come in round, square and rectangular containers. They include a collection of small plants and botanical accents to add interest and detail.

This is a favorite design for those who want to pop of color that only fresh flowers can give, combined with the longer lasting fun of potted succulents. Best of both worlds.


The Blackbird Succulent Treat is a sweet accent piece. Perfect for a heartfelt “Thank You”, or a friendly birthday gift.

These succulent designs are maximalist minis. The addition of natural toned dry botanical elements make these compact designs super textural in a smooth, neutral palette.