Rose Designs

Blackbird Dozen and Two Dozen rose designs are perfect for romantics and those of us who appreciate simplicity.


The Low Dozen Roses design comes in a white cube vase. It includes 12 premium roses and a mix of foliage and coordinating accents. You can choose a color, or leave it up to us to decide what looks prettiest on the day you order.

The Tall & Wild 2 Dozen Roses is a fuller, more showy version of the Blackbird Taller 2 Dozen. We add more movement with foliage and additional accent flowers for a wild garden look.

The Low Two Dozen Roses features 24 premium roses with foliage and coordinating accents, arranged in a cube vase. Nice and full, this design is very eye catching, and is great for a romantic occasion like a wedding anniversary.



This design is much taller than the others. It’s a modern twist on the taller rose designs. We mound the roses and the neck of the vase, and add foliage for a bit of movement and natural tall twigs for additional height.