Soft and Subtle Mixes

Our soft mixes are subtle and sweet, and always a favorite no matter the season.


The Blackbird Soft Treat is extra sweet in our signature gold pot.

Soft + Sweet Mix
from 75.00

This is a garden style mix of mainly soft shades with brighter accents for a subtler cheery mix.

Blackbird Soft Mix
from 125.00

The Blackbird Soft Mix is available in a wide variety of sizes, always in a white ceramic container.


The Natural Slice
from 89.00

This is a natural toned, textural and whimsical arrangement that works for home, office, special occasions, and every day.


The Soft Abundance Piece is a larger, more upright version of the Blackbird Soft Mix. It is taller, and less rounded. A perfect way to make an impression while reigning in the color palette.