Design Workshop

Design Workshop

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Wedding Flowers



Tools and supplies provided.

Basic flowers and foliage varieties are included.

Special flowers can be ordered separately at our cost.


Don't know how to get those flowers to act pretty in the vase? This fun 1.5 hour workshop covers vase arranging as well as crafting bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and any other ideas you have your heart set on, time permitting.

Your location will serve as the venue. We'll just need a table to work at, nothing fancy. All tools and supplies will be provided. Feel free to invite your friends, or anyone who will be pitching in when your real design day rolls around. Blackbird Floral owner/designer Lea Wood will show you time saving tricks and help you learn not only what to do--but what not to do.

Why not ask your friends to each learn a category, and together you'll make a great design team! You'll come away with a sample centerpiece, bridesmaid bouquet, boutonniere and corsage. Other options are available.

Purchase this workshop here, but first get in touch to schedule an available date and time. Special flower requests typically require an additional fee. You are welcome to supply some additional blooms to add to the sample mix provided.

~Offer not available to existing wedding clients. ~Not a design service for actual wedding day flowers.