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Made Fresh Daily  

The designs you see here were made by us, for real customers.

Our style is very consistent. You'll always be sending a something nice when you order from Blackbird Floral, that's just not a worry with us.

Every order that goes out for delivery is on par with the examples you see on our order flower page. Flowers vary daily, but it's our quality and consistency that makes us who we are.




We Love What We Do

We're grateful to our customers for allowing us to have the local business of our dreams--and we know our product quality really matters.

We hand-select fresh flowers from our suppliers throughout the week. Buying in person is the best way we've found to ensure our designs are consistently fresh, and on point with Blackbird style.

Just click the button below to order for delivery, and we take care of the rest.


Delivery Area

Part of why our work is so consistently good, is that we're a small team. This means a limited delivery area--though we wish we could say yes to every location. We currently only deliver to these exact zip codes.

78701, 78702, 78703, 78704, 78705, 78712, 78721, 78722, 78723, 78731, 78751, 78752, 78756, 78757.

Please note: If a zip code isn't on the list above, then we aren't currently available to deliver there. We keep this list up to date for accuracy based on our determining factors for meeting demand successfully.





About us


How We Work

Blackbird Floral is a floral design + delivery business run by owner/designer Lea Wood since we started in 2010.

We aren't a brick and mortar shop, and have no plans to become one.  We love what we do--and how we do it! 

We do weddings and events of all kinds, in addition to our weekday deliveries around central Austin.

Wedding +

Event Flowers


Our wedding work is a pairing of your ideas and our nature inspired aesthetic.