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Natural Beauty

We create textural designs with soft blooms and lots of interesting details. 

Our style has been evolving for quite a while. We've found our sweet spot...well contemplated, yet spontaneous and seasonal.





Made Fresh Daily      

We're a local, indie floral business, focused on creating a great product.

We buy fresh flowers throughout the week, ensuring our designs are the freshest too!

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Event Flowers


Our wedding work is a pairing of your ideas and our nature inspired aesthetic.

About us


Our Philosophy

Our nature inspired aesthetic means that our designs incorporate a lot of variety and appear less controlled. They have movement so they don't feel rigid or look pre-planned. They are spontaneous rather than something that's copied over and over.

Making designs that feel more organic and natural is a little tougher to do. It takes a few extra skills and more time to put together, but we think the end result is well worth it.

Blackbird Floral has been run by the same small, dedicated team since we started in 2010. When you order from Blackbird Floral, you're ordering from real people who care about our product, your value, and the people who will be enjoying the flowers.


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