Our floral design style is very consistent, that's intentional, here's why.
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Blackbird Floral is a very small team. We are owner operators, and have been in business for going on 10 years.

Our style has evolved a little over that time. Not as much as you’d think though.

With our daily work, we had a few things to deal with that we knew were true…flower availability varies, colors vary (even within the same flowers), pricing varies by supplier, and blooms can droop without warning.

So, with all those in mind, we created a menu that allows for customers to give us as much input as we can realistically accommodate, while keeping a look and feel that is so “Blackbird” that we know we’ll make people happy.

We realized it was a good thing not to offer a static menu that isn’t likely to be re-created well throughout the year.

We listened to all our early customers who ordered by phone. What we found was that the vast majority of people who order from us just want to be sure that the flowers that get delivered are beautiful, fresh, and well designed. That we can definitely do.

The part about flowers drooping is something we work against by creating nice and full, textural mix that hugs everything in place. The sturdy elements help keep otherwise wilt prone flowers in place for as long as possible.

It began with the idea of wanting to extend people’s enjoyment as long as possible, and ended with a signature style that we love working in to this day.