3 Reasons to order a "Designer's Choice" mix

Sometimes you may just need to call the colors or the flowers. In our case, we give you the option to order “Soft” “Bright”, or “Bright and Soft”, and we take it from there.

If you are open to anything, assuming it’s going to be something nice, then you should go for it and let a designer do what they do best. If you’ve done the work of finding a great local florist (click here to read our post on that), then you can rest easy that your design will be right on par with the work they love to do!

Reason #1…Designers love to be creative, it makes us extra happy when working on your design.

Reason #2…We have free reign to work with all the options available on a given day. That means more you might see more variety in your arrangement.

Reason #3…You might get something a little more unique in yours. Something that didn’t quite fit the mold for a more specific design.

The overall aesthetic of the floral business should be your main decision maker, along with the type of event and preferences of the recipient. After that, the right florist should be able to fill the bill any day of the week…except Sundays, in our case ; )